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Novelty Gifts for Writers, Editors, Readers and more

I'm a professional editor and I love to read and write so this selection of designs and novelty gifts comes from my passion for words and books.
I wanted to produce some fun designs for gifts for my kind of people: wordsmiths, editors, writers, authors, and those who love to read.

I hope you enjoy the selection of gift designs and find something you like for yourself – yes, why not treat yourself today? – or for other wordsmiths and book lovers in your life.

NOTE: Most of the designs are available on multiple types of products from clothing and accessories to device covers, and from homeware and decor to wall art and more...

On the top level search pages, there will be only one product displayed for each design, so click on a design you like, even if it not the product you want and scroll down for more product options.

Gifts for Writers and Authors

Find the perfect present for the writers, wordsmiths and scribes in your life!
Are you looking for a thank you gift for a writer or author? Or how about gift for a writer or author to celebrate their new book deal?

Gifts for Editors and Proofreaders

Yes, as editors, we can be perfectionists, and although I cannot claim perfection in my designs, I hope you will find the perfect gift for the editors and proofreaders in your life.
Or perhaps, give yourself a present to celebrate a succesful project, a job well done, a milestone, or another year completed.

Gifts for Readers and Book Lovers

Browse a selection of gifts for readers and and bibliophiles, that are the next best thing to a good book!

Gifts for Others...

While, you and I might not understand it, not everyone loves words and books like we do, so I have included a selection especially for those people.
But of course, readers, writers and editors might love these options as presents too – as I do – and I have a number of them around my home.

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I hope you can find something you like for yourself as well as the perfect presents for the people in your life.
But, perhaps you like one of the designs but the colours, e.g. background colour, doesn't quite fit your decor? If so, I may be able to help you with a customised design.
Alternatively, you may want to make a small change to an existing design to add someone's name to personalise the gift (or perhaps to add your business name for a gift for a client)?

For a customised design based on your individual requirements, contact us today.

New designs will continue to be added by me and new products get added on a regular basis too, so please come back and visit us again!

Below are a few examples, a small subset of the range of designs and products available via the links above.

Women's Clothing

Men's Clothing

Device covers/cases - iPhones, iPads, Laptops, Samsung Galaxy Phones

Scarves, Bags, Pouches


Mugs, Water Bottles, Coasters



Gifts for Writers and Authors

Gifts for Editors and Proofreaders

Gifts for Readers and Book Lovers

Gifts for Others...

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