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As as small business, we can offer you a personalised service. Email is our preferred contact method but we are also very happy to talk with you if you prefer to give us a call on 07 4779 1655. If you don't catch us straightaway (as being a small business, unfortunately, we don't have a dedicated receptionist) then please leave a message and we will get back to you.

We recognise that every writer or business client has different needs and has varying expertise with the written word and with the English language. So, tell us what you need from an editor or proofreader or copywriter and discuss your requirements with us and we will customise our services to meet your specific needs.

We offer a range of editing, proofreading, copywriting and pre-publishing services for authors and writers and businesses.

We understand that first time authors may not be aware of what is involved in the book editing process, or even what questions to ask, or steps to take to become a published author whether self-publishing or planning to approach a traditional book publisher. So, talk to us and ask questions, and tell us about your writing project.

We have extensive and varied experience working with a diverse mix or writers on book manuscripts for fiction/novels across many genres and non-fiction covering a range of subjects and topics from those for general readership through to highly specialised topics, as well as biography/memoir.

We also specialise in editing and proofreading academic writing including Masters and PhD theses, journal articles and papers, and book manuscripts for postgraduate university students and university staff and researchers.

If we think we are not the right editors for your project then we will tell you up front.

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Wendy Smith – editor, wordsmith and business owner

Wendy has a passion for words and language, and creativity combined with strict attention to detail.

As an editor and proofreader, Wendy specialises in editing and proofreading book manuscripts, for both non-fiction and fiction book titles. She also edits magazine articles and a variety of document types including website content, ebooks, reports and newsletters, and postgraduate student theses and academic journal articles across multiple disciplines. In addition, as a copywriter, Wendy writes articles for magazines, website content (with SEO) and blogs.

Having been a bookworm since she was a small child, Wendy now loves to read books and written material across a broad range of non-fiction topics and a variety of fiction genres as well as being inspired by biography and true stories and entertained and/or enlightened by memoirs. This has provided the perfect foundation for her role as an editor of non-fiction, fiction and biography/memoir.

Different types of manuscripts do present different challenges and require different editorial skills and understanding and not every editor can cross genres or manuscript types but Wendy not only has the ability to work on different types of manuscripts but has diverse experience of doing just that. She believes that her non-fiction editing and writing experience compliments and strengthens her fiction editing and writing and vice versa. The same applies to biography/memoir which crosses over both non-fiction and fiction writing styles.

Wendy is a full member of the (Australian) Institute of Professional Editors Limited (IPEd) and its Queensland branch Editors Queensland, formerly known as Society of Editors (Qld). Full membership of IPEd means that Wendy is recognised by IPEd and her peers as a qualified and experienced professional editor. In addition, she is a member of the Queensland Writers Centre.

Before entering the world of editing and publishing, Wendy worked in professional positions in Information Technology after completing a Bachelor of Science with majors in Computer Science and Zoology.

Away from words, books and computer screens, the natural world has always captured Wendy's attention, in particular Australian landscapes, flora and fauna which she loves to photograph.

Whether in words or images, Wendy's desire is to see beauty in the ordinary and to draw out, polish and highlight those hidden jewels.

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