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Book manuscript editing services: for non-fiction manuscripts and novels/fiction manuscripts

So, you have written your book and are heading on the road towards publication, what assistance do you need now?

We offer structural editing, copy editing and proofreading services for book manuscripts, as well as a manuscript appraisal service (or manuscript assessment service).

Looking for a book editor and still not convinced that we are the right manuscript editors for you?

Document editing and proofreading services

Copywriting services

Do you get frustrated trying to find the right words to present your ideas or promote your products and services?

We can give you a helping hand with copywriting to present your ideas clearly and concisely, for example, for websites, newsletters and blogs.

We aim to customise/tailor the "style" of writing based on the style of the person/business/website who we are copywriting for and their audience so the end result for each individual client is likely to be very different.

First, we would review your requirements and your current website (if relevant and/or any other relevant information) and then ideally talk to you (over the phone or in person, whatever is easy) to discuss the task and get a better feel for who you are and your personality and how you express yourself (and/or your business "face/voice" too) and find out about your main target audience.

For website content copywriting (content marketing) we also offer search engine optimisation (SEO), utilising an extensive professional background in Information Technology.

Writing coaching

Would you like to improve the quality of your writing, learn what to look out for when self-editing your manuscript or editing documents in general, and increase your overall confidence as a writer?

We can work with you as you develop your document or manuscript, warn you how to avoid common pitfalls and provide useful tips and guidance to help make your writing shine.

Self-publishing consultancy

Would you like some assistance in navigating the sometimes labyrinthian twists and turns of the self-publishing process?

One of the hardest things when attempting something new like self-publishing your first book is that you don't know what you don't know! And to make it even more difficult, the publishing industry is undergoing HUGE change so it can be hard to find someone to ask the questions you do know that you need answered, whether that relates to print books or ebooks, or both.

We can guide you through the complexities of the self-publishing process, provide you with options to consider, help you to dodge common pitfalls, and support you along the way to achieving the results you want. This could be in a once-off consultation or we could be available to assist you over a period of time.

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