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The following is a selection of recently published books I have edited and authors with whom I have worked. I would love the opportunity to work with you and help to polish your book manuscript until it shines! --Wendy Smith, Editor and Wordsmith.

Published Books – Hot off the Press!

I have remained a client of Jewel See Editing over the years and still enjoy Wendy's vast experience and proficiency as an editor and feel it was always worth the agreed budget. I would not hesitate to recommend Wendy's book editing service.
--Arthur Bozikas OAM.
Contrarium (The Book Glasses Sequel)
By Arthur Bozikas.

Samantha Page discovers a second pair of glasses with even greater powers than the first. But her enemies are desperate to possess the glasses and claim their extraordinary power.

Can Sam keep the glasses from her enemies and protect herself and her family?

Quality and professionalism! I also really appreciated the feedback! It helped my confidence that an outside reader appreciated my content and delivery. Wendy performed a rigorous edit that improved my story and pointed me in directions that have improved all my future efforts.
--Arthur Bozikas OAM.
The Book Glasses
By Arthur Bozikas.

Finding a pair of book glasses that basically turn her into a supercomputer transforms Samantha Page's life from illiteracy and poverty to boundless knowledge and immense wealth.

But will the book glasses cost Sam everything she loves?

Wendy delivered a fantastic editing experience at a reasonable price! Furthermore, the communications were straightforward and I appreciated the speed and completeness of replies to all my questions. I would not hesitate to recommend Wendy's book editing service and Jewel See Editing.
--Arthur Bozikas OAM.
Iron Boy
Surviving Beta Thalassaemia Major
An autobiography by Arthur Bozikas.

Born with a blood disease called beta thalassaemia major, Arthur requires regular blood transfusions to survive but, even so, he is informed he will not live beyond early adulthood at best.

The heartbreaking and gutsy true story of Arthur's fight back from the darkness, and of his will to survive and prosper against all odds.

Beverley was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease, then Lewy body dementia and vascula dementia, and later a stroke left her in a wheelchair. Determined to provide her mother with the best possible care at home, Desma employed research, asking lots of questions, and some trial and error. And she showered Beverley with love and compassion. This book is filled with information, tried and tested advice, and practical help to support you to care for someone with dementia at home.
Living at Home with Dementia & Parkinson's Disease
By Desma Mitchell.

Caring for someone with a chronic condition is challenging. But with the right advice, support and attitude, it can also be incredibly rewarding.

A practical guide for carers.

Through ten simple principles, Garry advises you how to let go of old habits, eat healthier meals, exercise more and live a long healthy life.
How to Live to be 100 Years Old
By Garry Gordon.

For more than twenty years, Garry Gordon has studied the Hunza, and other groups of people, seeking to unravel the secrets to longevity. Find out what he has learned about caring for the human mind, body, and spirit.

Learn the secrets to living a disease-free life and how to find more happiness, joy, love, energy, peace, and prosperity.

Readers were first introduced to the much-loved character of Jack Nolan in Helen's first book, The Beach House. Jack Nolan returns in a new and very different type of story. Now a family man, Jack is tested as a friend and a lawyer. Has he bitten off more than he can chew?
Third Offfence
A novel by Helen McKenna.

Jack Nolan always saw the potential in Danny and loves him like a son. When Danny receives an anonymous letter about the father he has never known, it sends the teen into a tailspin.

Should Jack take on a case that is out of his area of expertise as a laywer? And can he help Danny get back on track?

Friendly, approachable and professional, Wendy was such a pleasure to work with. She edited my first novel and gave extensive feedback and thoughtful suggestions that showed she was right there with me in my story and thus building my confidence, enhancing my book and preparing it for publishing with her precise attention to detail. I hope to work with Wendy again and would highly recommend her to others.
--Kate Dean.
A Graceless Beginning
A novel by Kate Dean
(Lakeside Dance College Series).

Eleven-year-old Lily loves ballet and has just been accepted at the exclusive Lakeside Dance College.

Lily's dream is to dance, so why does she now want to escape?

A range of scholarly perspectives on the international effect of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear meltdown four years out from the disaster, in the field of science, technology and society (STS) studies.

Follows on from: Nuclear Disaster at Fukushima Daiichi.

The Fukushima Effect:
A New Geopolitical Terrain
Edited by Richard Hindmarsh and Rebecca Priestly.

Four years on, a cast of international scholars examine the extent and scope of the Fukushima Effect.

Looking at safety of nuclear energy, radiation risk, waste management, anti-nuclear protest movements and more...

I did not hesitate in asking Wendy to edit my second novel, Room 46. As before, she provided me with prompt and professional service, was extremely approachable and gave me the necessary feedback to get my book into the best possible shape. Once again, I cannot recommend Jewel See Editing highly enough and will be back when my next book is ready.
--Helen McKenna.
Room 46
A novel by Helen McKenna
(author of The Beach House).

Why are both Grace and Edith desperate to escape the confines of Room 46?

Open the door to Room 46 now!

As a first time author I needed some help and guidance and I found Wendy very knowledgeable and easy to chat with. Her editing service was delivered promptly and to the agreed budget. Wendy's insights corrections and suggestions were most helpful to me and my manuscript became infinitely better from her input. I would not hesitate to recommend Wendy's book editing service.
--Jeremy Hall aka Max Oberon.

Tilt: A Climate Change Thriller
by Max Oberon.

Is climate change a natural phenomenon or are there more insidious forces at play?

And will Jack Bradley cheat death and alert the world to the truth?

Uncover a global strategy of deadly greed and its mind-boogling eco-consequences.

Wendy, thank you for the excellent editing job! I was hesitant to hire an editor at first but it's the best thing I could have done for my book and I'm glad I chose Jewel See Editing. Wendy was professional, efficient, and approachable. She answered my questions quickly and her copyediting skills made the novel stronger and clearer. I will be using her services again for my next novel and would highly recommend her if you're looking for a copyeditor.
--Kasia Radzka.

Lethal Disposal
by Kasia Radzka.

Lexi Ryder returns to the Gold Coast to find her old friend is dead. Accident or murder?

Is Lexi willing to risk her own life to seek the truth?

Enter a game of politics, assassinations and dangerous secrets.

Thanks so much Wendy, my book has become a #1 best seller on Amazon! Working with Wendy on my manuscript was an absolute pleasure! Throughout the process of setting up my new business, nobody else came close to producing the quality of service that Wendy did. She was so prompt, always turning around my work within a couple of days and such a skilled editor and wordsmith.
--Julie McAnally.

with Knockout Marketing Ideas
by Julie McAnally.

Sell your property faster and for more money.

Successfull real estate marketing strategies.

Discover the secrets of a property millionaire!

Jewel See Editing conducted a structural and copy edit on my manuscript. Wendy provided a prompt, professional and supportive service with fantastic hints, ideas and suggestions to enhance the quality and readability of my book. I would definitely recommend Wendy, and I will return to Jewel See should I need an editor again in the future.
--Carol A. Jones.

Africa Road Trip
by Carol A. Jones.

One landcruiser, two Aussies, 300 days.

A 4WD adventure from the tip to the top of Africa.

For intrepid travellers and armchair adventurers alike!

What this book needed to get it over the line was a professional polishing and that has been expertly provided by editor Wendy Smith.
--Dave Berry.

Robyn Kina, Strong Aboriginal Woman
A Lifer Redeemed.
by Dave Berry.

Convicted of murdering her de facto and sentenced to life, Robyn finally found her voice, challenged the justice system and spoke up for abused women.

Support Sisters Inside Inc.

Winning secrets from some of Australia's most successful CEOs in sports administration.

Brian Cook, Wayne Jackson,
Pam Smith, Shane Edwards,
Todd Greenberg, Malcolm Speed,
... and more!

Another book in the Sports Wisdom series following on from Captains and Coaches.


by David & Pamela Becker.

Leadership insights for business leaders, administrators and coaches.

Winning secrets from some of Australia's most successful CEOs in sports administration.

Learn secrets of leadership excellence!

Being a speaker not a writer, I therefore needed professional editing assistance. I found this in abundance with Wendy.
Wendy always had time for me and guided the finishing of this book to a point I would never have reached by myself.
--Bruce Richards.

I Can Change
The pure essence of personal development.
by Bruce Richards.

You can be successful with personal change and create calm and certainty within.

Gain command of your life!

After hearing Wendy speak at a seminar, she was my first call for a structural and copy edit. Her professionalism and honesty, combined with her literary expertise and sense of humour was every- thing I needed to bring a shine to the rough diamond I submitted. It felt more like a partnership than one person performing work for another. I would definitely recommend Jewel See Editing and would engage Wendy again in the future.
--Kylie Asmus.

The Friday Night Debrief
by Kylie Asmus.

A slapstick romance in the vein of a romantic comedy movie with a uniquely north Queensland flavour.

Laugh out loud, cry, cringe and celebrate along with the author's fictional namesake, Kylie, and her mates.

In engaging Wendy Smith to proofread my latest book on the Fukushima Disaster I was pleased to find her editing standard high. She was also easy to work with and always supportive. A pleasure to do business with.
--Richard Hindmarsh.

Nuclear Disaster at Fukushima Daiichi:
Social, Political and Environmental Issues
Edited by Richard Hindmarsh.

A cast of international scholars discuss Japan's Fukushima Daiichi disaster.

Risks and hazards of nuclear energy, and global agendas for sustainable futures.

I decided to use Jewel See Editing due to the competitive service offered. Not only did I find that the service was competitive, but also fast, friendly, comprehensive and very helpful. I found Wendy to be professional, pleasant, kind, very supportive and encouraging. I highly recommend her services and I will be using Jewel See Editing again. --Robert Bousamra.

Lebanon to Ghana
The Food I Grew Up With
by Robert Bousamra.

Delicious recipes and simply gorgeous photography – a perfect gift or a cookbook to treasure and refer to often.

A celebration of family and good food from Lebanon to West Africa to Australia.

Find a new favourite recipe!

Wendy understood me as a writer and she knew the importance of my work, it had become my baby. The professional standard of my book could not have been achieved without Wendy.
Writers are only as good as their editors and I highly recommend Wendy to polish your thoughts and words. She is talented and an amazing person to work with.
--Julie Wright.

Tarmacs & Tantrums
by Julie Wright.

Julie's international odyssey:

  • 33 days
  • 18 countries
  • and 2 Aussies

Jump on board for the flying adventure of a lifetime!

I thoroughly enjoyed the journey of having my manuscript polished by Wendy. I found her to be thoroughly professional and supportive, demonstrating creativity and efficiency, whilst being respectful of my personal story.
--Jane Sinclaire.
Hidden Side to the Story
by Jane Sinclaire.

A journey of partnering and caring for a sufferer of a mental illness and a personality disorder.

What are the warning signs? Who can help you? How can you support sufferers and carers and their families?

Wendy Smith is an editor that I felt I could easily work with when it came to trusting someone with my manuscript. Her style is casual yet professional and she guided me gently through the editorial stages of my book Finding Duong Finding Myself. Her fees are reasonable and I would recommend her services.
--Robyn Ramsay.
Finding Duong
Finding Myself

by Robyn Ramsay.

A journey of socially conscious travel and personal healing.

Let your heart be touched by the people you meet as you follow in Robyn's footsteps.

Peak Performance Secrets from Australian Sporting Legends – INSPIRATIONAL CAPTAINS.

Nick Farr-Jones, Greg Chappell,
Cameron Smith, Andrew Gaze,
Paul Okon, Shannon Eckstein,
Brad Fittler, Nikki Hudson,
James Hird, Lauren Jackson,
John Fitzgerald, Vicki Wilson.

Secrets of

by David Becker & Scott Hill.

Discover strategies and insight from elite Aussie sports captains.

Winning secrets to get ahead in business and life!

As a first time author and publisher, engaging Wendy Smith from Jewel See Editing to carry out the structural edit, copy edit and then proofread of my book was the best investment I have made. She polished my writing style to emphasise what I wanted to say and made it so much easier to read, gave me suggestions to improve the content and also tips on how to improve my writing style. I would highly recommend her to any budding author, and will definitely be engaging Wendy for my next book.
--Donna Garrett-Young.
Home Building Made Easy
by Donna Garrett-Young.

Five key steps to unlocking your new home.

Do you find the thought of building a new home rather daunting?

Follow Donna's tips for a positive building experience!

I have found Wendy from Jewel See Editing incredibly professional, friendly and easy to work with. She is a great editor and her suggestions definitely improved my writing and my book.
I would recommend her to anyone and look forward to working with her on my future book projects.
--Elize Hattin.
The Naked Truth About You
by Elize Hattin.

Your path to an extraordinary life revealed.

Uncover strategies that will change your life today!

Wendy of Jewel See Editing was recommended to us by one of her valued clients. Being our first book
we did not know where to start and
the guidance we received was fantastic. Our communications with Wendy were effortless, streamlined, quick and efficient. We look forward to a working relationship for many years to come.
--Raquel, Greg, Leanne and Ashley.
Fair Dinkum Dampers
by the OzWit team.

Mouth-watering recipes and all you need to know about dampers.

OzWit titles include:
* Fair Dinkum Dampers
* Cooking With Camp Ovens
* Creative Mince Ideas

Wendy told me what I needed to know rather than what I wanted to hear and as a result I believe my novel is much more readable. She is extremely approachable, provides extensive feedback, constructive suggestions and is thoroughly professional. I highly recommend her editing services.
--Helen McKenna.
The Beach House
A novel by Helen McKenna.

A Queensland coastal community fights to preserve a local treasure – a beach house – a magnificent, old Queenslander.

Escape to the beach now!

Wendy's dedication to her craft, her professional attitude and insightful and valuable contributions were welcomed immensely. Thank you, lovely lady for challenging me, inspiring me and supporting me to take my book even further than I thought possible - my book is so much more than it ever was because of you. Whether new to writing or writing a new book, Jewel See Editing is the ONLY company I would recommend for all your editing needs. --Minda Lennon.
I am Woman
- the art of being you

by Minda Lennon.

According to Wellness Coach, Minda Lennon: Life's about skipping with energy, vitality and purpose.

Start living again!


Wendy from Jewel See Editing has been the editor on our last two cookbooks and will be for the next two as well. Prompt, thorough and reasonable – all the things you want in a great Editor! Wendy, keep up the fabulous work!
--Kim McCosker.
4 Ingredients KIDS
by Kim McCosker
  & Rachael Bermingham.

Need some inspiration to create healthier, simple meals your kids will eat and enjoy?

Get your KIDS into the kitchen and cooking!

SPORTS WISDOM from 12 of Australia's finest coaches – personal stories and success philosophies.

Wayne Bennett, Ric Charlesworth,
Ron Barassi, Rod Macqueen,
Frank Farina, Laurie Lawrence,
Norma Plummer, Chris Anderson,
Lindsay Gaze, Phil McNamara,
Johnny Lewis and Geoff Marsh.

Sports Wisdom Revealed

by David Becker & Scott Hill.

Discover valuable lessons from sport for a successful journey through life!

For inspirational advice and words of wisdom!

More Published Books and Authors

Wendy was easy to work with and provided great feedback in relation to my book. It was invaluable for a professional editor to read my work and provide a different perspective whilst also being sensitive to the fact that it was my baby...
--Nicole Bijlsma.
Healthy Home Healthy Family
by Nicole Bijlsma.


Is where you live affecting your health?

Learn the simple steps to create a healthy home!

Looking for a professional and prompt editor with an eye for detail? Then look no further. Wendy was a pleasure to work with and offered valuable feedback which greatly improved the flow of our book. Wendy's good value services were definitely worth it!
--Simone Essex.
How to Be Yourself
by Jane Briscoe
  & Simone Essex.

Easy steps to overcome insecurities and strengthen your life.

A guide to self acceptance and happiness!

Stepping Stones to Business Success - Book
Stepping Stones to Business Success
by Donna Stone.

Over 200 tips on how to succeed in business business from an experienced businesswoman.

Tried and tested advice - a practical resource for small business owners.

401 Inspirational Quotes
by David Becker and Scott Hill.

Quotes for parents, coaches, mentors, teachers as well as business leaders to inspire individual excellence.

401 Inspirational Quotes – E-Book.

4 Ingredients with Gourmet Garden
4 Ingredients with Gourmet Garden
by Kim McCosker & Rachael Bermingham.

Over 250 delicious and easy recipes using up to 4 ingredients

With Gourmet Garden Herbs & Spices.

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